Saturday, May 21, 2005

'If you're not with me, you're my enemy…’

Ok, I don’t want to be nit picky, but that is my line! I am clearly the originator of that line, so when I was watching the third and final Star Wars this weekend in my massive underground movie theater below the White House, I was shocked to hear Darth Vader basically plagiarize from my war speeches. George Lucas, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to suggest that my speeches to the senate are as trite and hackneyed as the dialogue from your film? Or are you just so lazy you couldn’t come up with anything better to say?

Seriously, the odds of that line being symbolic of something are pretty slim, because I’ve thought and thought and thought about the Galactic Empire’s quest for control over the galaxy and their misguided attempts to bring democracy and freedom to the world, and I don’t see any parallels. Only plagiarism.

So, Lucas, if you’re reading this, I want credit where credit is due. Darth Vader’s awesome dialogue belongs to my speech writers.

Also, most of R2-D2’s dialogue was stolen from my speeches.


bananas said...

you talk pretty good for a bush.

cryo said...

I agree with brad.

Great blog BTW :-)

snaars said...

Somebody else said something like this ... let me think ...

Oh yeah, it was your favorite political thinker, Jesus!


Plagiarism? Like the method you abused and exploited on in order to help you get by Harvard? Shut up you whiny fucking redneck, not even a parrot would recite your symptoms of total idiocrisy.

Gino Click said...

Vader said that line "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." So obviously, he said it before your speech writers even heard of the movie...which by the way is a documentary. THE EVENTS HAPPENED IN REAL TIME!

David said...

I hardly think George Bush has the ability to truly comprehend the message of Jesus Christ, and if he does he's in no way an example, so what Bush said was actually not the same thing Jesus said given the context of the two seperate situations and linguistic cirucumstances.

Anonymous said...

Dear mr. Bush
I just watched an OPB broadcast about the waste of money the taxpayer are having sent to columbia to fight drugs and it reallyupset me. Why can't you just take this money you,ve been wasting and go in there and stratigically bomb the drug crops as well as the drug barrens- seize all their assets and properties like you do on the war on terrorism. Forget about how politically correct it looks to the world and then use the money you save on drug treatment here in the usa. If you kill the demand then the supplier has no customers. By the way, jail is not the answer to the drug problem in america. Education and treatment is. P>S> Stop distroying our freedom in the name of profits. How much is the Bush family making from the rising price of oil. You guys have been doing business with the saudis for years. Be fair with the people that put you in office. I don't just mean carl roug. God bless you. signed another born again christian. Help usa stay afloat.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr.Bush...
YOu digust me for so many resons im only going to mention 2!
1)Who in the right mind would have such a selfish moto anyways
2)And why would anybody be proud of it??
And even stand up for it???

Anonymous said...

your so stupid .
who the hell would even vote for you!
your so fuckin racist\selfish president!
you should be ashamed of yourself!
i hope you burn in hell you son of a bitch!!