Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Oh Pope. If you’re so infallible, why are you dead? Just throwing that out there.

In all seriousness though, I understand the gravity of the situation, and I don’t want to poke fun at a man who will be remembered, if for nothing else, than for his treasure map which he bestowed upon me from the grave. Without giving away too much, let me just tell you how I stumbled upon his posthumous puzzle.

I was genuflecting before the Pope’s lifeless corpse when I instinctively noticed something peculiar. His hat was unusually shaped, much too much like an arrow, and not enough like a hat. It wasn’t long before I was ripping through the priceless art work cleverly positioned to disguise the location of the treasure map. Needless to say, the Holy Father understood that the layperson would be too dull witted to notice such a clever marker, but was aware that I would be attending his funeral and would easily crack the enigma.

Though finding the map was easy, deciphering it will prove difficult, as it has been written in a dead language I can barely comprehend. I believe scholars call it cursive.


GuyWithTheCoat said...

I think they call it 'cursive' because you'll curse abut how unreadable it is. You can't write all the letters sewn together like that - you have to break them up so you can check what they are on the 'see & spell.'

Dick Cheney said...

George, just walk over to my office. Seriously.

marie said...

The Pope fought for the peace.He had been able to make wonderful things.YOU,"president"(president of what?Fuckin stupid fat patriotists American who had "voted" for you?pff)what did you do for the world?war?stupid projects to get oil?you're not a hero,you're a lier.
Tu merites la mort sale con.And YOU,who try to be more stupid than Bush,what did you do?fucking nationalist blog?toi tu merites une paire de claques dans la tronche,tu la sentirais passer sur tes dents crois moi.J'espere que tu croiseras pas quelqu'un qui a autant d'animosité que moi,parce que ce jour là,tu comprendras pas ce qui t'arrive(j'ai bien envie de te hacker pour voir)

Anonymous said...

Man, this marie chick is fucking irritating. Does she seriously not get it?

George Bush said...

Annonymous is right, Marie probably DOESN'T get it, but I don't blame her - most college level students can't read cursive either.

There is also a small chance she is mentally retarded; has she heard of a little thing called, "spell check"? Half the things she typed aren't even words!

And Marie, I don't plan to run into anyone as pissed off as you because I make it a point to never hang out with anything/anyone French. May I refer you to my previous post