Friday, February 25, 2005

Bumper Stickers; self expression or retardation?

You know who I can’t stand? Besides the gays? The people who drive around with these lame bumper stickers…

Those people just really piss me off. And not even because they hate our troops, but because they think they’re somehow making a difference by declaring to the world their sentiments towards soldiers through the medium of a friggin’ bumper sticker!

Ok we get it, you hate our troops, la-de-friggin’-da, now watch while I cut you off asshole. Seriously, you white trash, rednecked, gun-totting, sister-marrying, inbreeds can blow it out your exhaust pipes, because you know what? You’re not doing anything! You’re not supporting or undermining anybody! You’re just ruining a perfectly good F-350 “Super-Duty” bumper.

Then those morons make it a contest to see who “hates the troops more,” by seeing how many ribboned stickers they can jam onto their bumper. Just because you have 4 of them running across the back of your car does not mean you are the most unpatriotic American out there, it just makes you the dumbest.

As President, I approve this rant.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, now W you actually sound intelligent in this post! did you get someone to do this for you? trying to impress condy 'eh?

Anonymous said...

they're magnets, not stickers

Anonymous said...

"they're magnets, not stickers"

wow, you obviously got the point of that post.

Condy said...

Oh, George! How truely dashing of you, George! How -

*drops identity*

We agree on one thing, Dubya. I friggin hate those stickers too. They're the Livestrong bracelets for cars - for everything and on everthing, including nerves.

Anonymous said...

wow..a fucking moron.

marie said...

Are you takin the piss??stop trying to be your stupid president >___<'!
Gays are more interesting than fuckers like you.if you were around,I'd kick you asshole,because you are really fucking mad,like all who think the same.Get lost