Sunday, December 19, 2004

Time's Man of the Year

I'm a God - make that, the God!!

I'm now one of a very exclusive list of men who have been Time's Man of the Year twice, including great war leaders like Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon and Joseph Q. Stalin! As you might remember, all three men led our country as we struggled through the successful Vietnam Conflict, which makes me the first Man of the Year to struggle through my own! The greatest pride, however, is knowing that because of me future Presidents will be provided the chance to struggle through Iraq and join us on the great list of two timing Men of the Year. So Arnold, in advance - you're welcome.


MrV said...

Hey Geoarge your the greatest. Kuddos to you for thinking of good ol Arnie. Keep up the fantasic work. Any word from the Mt. Rushmore committee

Anonymous said...

Right on W! To paraphrase the great Captain Kirk in one of his many soliloquies: Without struggle, what would a man be but a turtle out of its shell trapped under the heavy boot of something really big. Hey, that Stalin dude had a mustache right?