Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hunting Trip

Yesterday I fulfilled a ten year long dream of hunting deer with an assault rifle.

Up until this week there was a ban on the sale of assault rifles because the liberals considered the practical use of them implausible. There are critics who say that hunting with an assault rifle is absurd; nobody in there right mind would do it. Well I got together with a bunch of the justices this weekend and we got our chance to prove them wrong. Hunting with assault rifles is not only an enormous amount of fun, but it is our God given right; handed down to us by our four fathers who in their infinite wisdom predicted the development of weapons with the power to knock down a whole heard of elk. This may be a leap, but I’m going to start working on legalizing the sale of rocket propelled grenades. In some places like Iraq and Iran, those things are legal! What freedom! I think I could seriously kill a heard of buffalo with a well positioned rocket propelled grenade.

Other than the hunting trip I didn’t get much done this weekend. Finally organized all my mp3s.

Oh, I did talk to my dad on the phone. He and mom are going to be stopping by my place sometime soon, which means I have to clean up. It’s not like the White House is a mess, it’s just that I know mom is going to be pointing out everything that’s wrong or different from how she’d like it. That also means me and Rummy can’t get too wasted for however long they stay over. That’s not a problem for me, I can control myself, but you put a bottle of booze anywhere near him and he goes from Donnie to Rummy in 2 seconds flat. Which brings me to a point; Rummy has a cool nickname; mine blows. You can’t change Bush to anything cool or funny unless it implies the female vagina. Which brings me to another point; all those lesbian protestors who get naked to protest “bush.” Do they have any idea how much I love that? Man, if I knew my controversial political views would get a bunch of lesbians naked back in my college days, I could have doubled the ass I got every week!


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why you have our men in Iraq President Bush? What about these beheadings? What is your stance?

Allied Press Corp said...

Round the Barracks we call you G-Dub!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i am planning an automatic shotgun assault on a whole flock of geese this fall! i figure i can nab about 60 or 70 in an hour and still have time to surf the net.

Tom Ledbetter said...

Godalmighty, that huntin' deer with an assault rifle sounds like fun.Kinda like when I went squirrel huntin' with a Thompson submachinegun.Or was it an M-60? Hell, I was too drunk to give a shit, but I got my bag limit in 13 seconds.

nathan said...

You are all dumb mother fuckers. Everyone who agrees with any of these dumbass blogs are cocksucking yankee shit. And by the way, hunting is the dumbest thing in the world(besides the dumbass cocksucker who makes these blogs).