Wednesday, August 25, 2004

8 more days until I'm re-elected!

It's so close I can taste it! Every September 2nd, Americans across the globe will go to church and vote for me (finally no more campagining!) or, I suppose, Kerry. Well, I'm not worried about that, I am however worried about the state of our great nation.

Did you know gas prices are ridiculous lately? When did that happen? I don't usually get gas anymore, cause when I'm in Texas I either ride in my stretch limo or my stretch horse (they breed those now!), but I went to an Exxon the other day and paid like 2 dollars a friggin' gallon! This disturbs me greatly, and as President, I am going to do whatever I can to lower those prices. I hear that France has oil reserved in their ground - which really just means two birds with one stone if you know what I'm talking about, and I think you do! uhg, but enough politics, I've been dealing with campaign crap non stop since this afternoon and it is time for a break!

Busy day today, fed Barney my dog and then he threw up on my couch, took forever to get it out, but on the plus side I found like 3 quarters and a couple of dimes which I put straight into the "National Debt Jar" I keep on my desk. Everytime I find spare change I throw it in there, cause you know, every little bit helps. Anyway, that was about it for my day besides signing like six friggin' documents and taking a mid afternoon nap. Maybe things will get less hectic around here once the campaign is over and I can get back to what I really enjoy... jerking off to the Dixie Chicks. I kid dude, but seriuosly they are hot, I don't care what anyone says. Especially the chubby one.

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