Saturday, August 28, 2004

Question of the Day: Do puppies go to heaven?

Well we all know that full grown dogs go to heaven, but do puppies who are too young to have made the choice between good and evil go to heaven? What about dogs who have been put down, according to the bible I don't think those dogs would get in... Also, is puppy abortion moral? What if the puppy is retarded, or not as cute as most puppies - is it ok then?

I bring it up because Barney had puppies with a mut out of wedlock and Laura thought we should put down the puppies. Now I'm all for abortion, despite what my official stance is. Hell, according to my official stance I'm pro women's rights, but come on. If it weren't for abortion, Laura and I wouldn't have been able to force Jenna to stop herself from making a huge mistake last summer.

So, do those puppies I had the secret service run over with a truck go to heaven? Or do they just rot in the dumpster behind the Treasury? I'd like to think they go to heaven, but my beliefs tell me they don't. What a shame. Sometimes I wish I weren't tied down to believing one thing absolutely and unequivocally (Greenspan taught me that word!), sometimes I wish I was able to make up my own opinion, but then again, at least this way I don't have to worry about thinking it up.

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Anonymous said...

you need to talk to billy graham. The lion lays don with the lamb ?Christ comes back on a white horse.