Sunday, January 29, 2006

Are you offended yet?

You know who I hate? The army reservists. They bitch even more than women! In some cases they are women! And just for that, I have decided to cut their budget. Why would I do that? Cause I’m a dick? No. Because I can, and to teach them a lesson.

“But we don’t have enough money to begin with!”

Well cry me a river girly girls. You should have signed up for the military because you love your country, not for the pay. Wait, you do love your country right?

“Oooh, but I’ve been in Iraq for more than a year.”

I don’t want to hear it, if I did, I would hold frank and honest discussions with key members of the military, but I don’t cause that’s how I roll. For instance, the other day the Pentagon tried to tell me that troop levels were dangerously low and that the army was at risk of having a “broke back." You know what I said? I told em straight.

“Screw you queers! I don’t want anything to do with homosexual cowboys in the military no matter how low troop levels get!”

Which brings me to another point… what’s with the 82nd airborne? Did you hear about how they posed for nude pictures on a gay website? I tell ya, I lost all respect for them right there. Sure, they risk their lives in battle conditions I’ve never witnessed and done braver things than all the straight guys I know, but come on. Sex in the butt is only for wimps. Real men have sex in another hole, because it is manly. Thank God I have the manly courage to stand up and discredit them in front of the whole nation, then give them a dishonorable discharge.

Annnnnd another thing! Did you hear about how Washington State passed a law that says you can’t discriminate against homosexuals in the work place? Does that mean the army has to stop discriminating against Washington troops too? I don’t think it is fair to hold the government to the same strict guidelines that, for instance, the good workers at Starbucks are held too. A barista there can make upwards of 8.25 an hour (minimum wage)! The government would be out of business if we paid our social workers or teachers that kind of dough!

To conclude, the only ones to blame for poor results in Iraq are the troops, and not the brave souls who planned the invasion. Plus, with the extra money I’ll save from cutting troop funding, I’ll be able to partially pay for the reinforcement of security at the White House in preparation for the Easter Egg Roll which the homosexuals plan on crashing.

(this is what the White House Easter Egg Roll would look like if we let the queers from the 82nd airborne and their families participate)


Jane Hodson said...


Is this really George Bush Blog?
Well sounds interesting. I have also the honour to post on your blog:)

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Dick Cheney said...

We can use the money for Halliburtin. They have done such an outstanding job for our troops. That contaminated water thing was just the evil plot of Democrats who believe our troops deserve fresh water. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

take some notes,

A government not for the people is against the people. There is a couple hundred million of us,and there is 2 Assholes in office. There is a corrupt attorney General, Alberto Gonzales(his ass is grass). There is all types of shit going on,and your not immune . You will answer for all this shit. Believe me, you will. If it hasn't happened yet, then it will.

If the government is corrupt it is the duty of the people to remove the corrupt officials from office by any means necessary (use your imagination).