Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Where's the Berlin Wall when you need it?

The Mexican government has been distributing pamphlets to all Mexican citizens who request them, which detail information on how to survive illegally crossing the US border. Can you believe the arrogance of those self righteous bastards? The Mexican government claims the pamphlets are only provided to curb the large number of deaths each year which can be accounted to border crossings, but we all know that the Mexican government is only interested in one thing… getting Mexicans out of their country. Hell, I don’t blame ‘em, so I’ve created a little pamphlet of my own, chock full of false information and neat little tricks sure to confuse, and/or, kill Mexicans crossing the border.

This gets me pissed off, because when my great, great grandfather illegally crossed the US border in the 1800s, he was white, and the bastards crossing our border now are clearly brown. Have they no respect… *shakes head indignantly*

“Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” no where in our beautiful iconoclastic motto do I see the words, “and your spics, we take spics too.”

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and hope to industrious white workers who came from Europe, not those dirty border hoppers who will work for below minimum wage… don’t they realize they are ruining our economy by taking such a severe pay cut!? Did they stop and think to themselves just once, “Hey, I might be earning barely enough to feed my family, but I’m also taking precious jobs away from the white trash of Texas who couldn’t afford to go to public school?” Fore shame! All those illegal immigrants can think about is themselves, and their families, and freedom. Disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Wait just a minute now, Mr. President. I thought you were all for letting the Mexicans work for pennies an hour so the big meatpacking plants and commercial farms can have cheap labor without bothering to provide safe working conditions.

robyn said...

lol, oh my god, i hope this blog goes on and on forever. :-)

ballz97fm said...

Oh, I think this blog is hilarious and I read it pretty much all the time. But I have to draw the line at hoping it goes on and on forever. I can't wait til the day it becomes irrelevant.

Anonymous said...