Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Mood - Sulky

Remember in the first Ocean's 11 (the good Ocean's 11) when you thought everything was going great and according to plan and the world seemed right, then you found out everything was getting screwed up and the plan was crumbling apart, only to realize at the end of the film that that had been the plan all along and that nothing was ever getting screwed up, and the world was right again? Well that is what my life has felt like lately, except for that last part where everything goes right.

I need a hug.


Fuzzy Turtle said...

weep weep weep.

It's tough to be King.

Anonymous said...

I saw Oceans 12. Crappiest film known to man. Waste of $7.50.

Life here in "Coletteville" is screwed up too. Hope things get better.

-Colette at

Anonymous said...

mommy has a hug for my widdle georgie worgie. come to momma honey. we can make ginger snap cookies and eat them on the veranda with our moscow mules.

my widdow baby, everything will be fine, you just wait and see. we'll have all the oil our heart's desire. and poppy will be so proud of you finally!