Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Mood - Belligerent

You know what I hate? People who pawn off an experience/wisdom as intelligence. I had some guy tell me the other day that because I hadn’t fought in any wars, I had no right to have an opinion about war. Woopty-friggin’-doo mister; you killed in combat, I didn’t, what do you want? A friggin’ medal (besides the one you got for combat injuries)?

Since when has the only qualifier for intelligent global-political decisions been combat history? Just because you ran around other parts of the world killing our enemies doesn’t mean your opinions are somehow more intelligent – your opinions are just more personal. Personal experience does not equate to intelligence.

Does that mean women can’t have opinions about war because we exclude them from the front lines? Haha, trick question – women’s opinions aren’t worth anything anyway.

The point is if you go around flaunting your war experience as your only evidence for an argument, you’re an idiot.

Besides, I was in the Texas Air National Guard – and you people don’t know squat about protecting airspace. I rest my case. Feel free to debate these points… but only if you were in the Air National Guard.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking as and ex Texas Air National Guard…err…buddy, you’re absolutely right W. What does that guy know about anything anyway? They should send that guy to Singapore with some gum on his shoe and let him get caned a few times. Let him put that down as experience/wisdom on his a$$!