Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Kerry is a Douche Bag

Yesterday Kerry attacked my lack of attendance with the Air National Guard... is nothing sacred Mr. Kerry? Is nothing sacred? This coming from a man who only fought in Vietnam for like 6 months and only won like 3 purple hearts. Please, my grandmother won more purple hearts than that; God Bless that woman for fighting so passionately in Korea.

Another thing; I started two friggin’ wars! How many wars have you started Mr. Kerry? Your war record isn’t looking so strong anymore, my dear sir!

Finally, Kerry questioned his own government’s actions in Vietnam. Now, I don’t know about you, but I find that just downright un-patriotic. Mr. Kerry had no right to question the decisions made by our honorable President Nixon. Our Presidents aren’t just men, they are kings among men, and I’m not just saying that because I am a President. Do you think we just make mistakes Mr. Kerry? No, sir; Presidents don’t just make mistakes like regular people. Most every decision made by a President is the right decision. No, all decisions are the right decisions. Except Japanese Internment and that whole Slavery thing, some argue that was a mistake. Oh, also the Bay of Pigs, and infecting the homeless with Gonorrhea, that was a mistake. Ok, like 99 percent of presidential decisions are accurate. That’s not the point! Whether it was right to go into Vietnam is irrelevant, the war was just. All wars are just. Well most wars are just. Vietnam was just just.

My country right or wrong!

Also, Condi if you’re reading this we’re having a PJ party tonight in the third room on the left down the hall on the second floor next to the oval office. Bring your own pillow.

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