Sunday, September 05, 2004

Bill Clinton

It turns out Bill Clinton is having quadruple bypass surgery pretty soon, and last night on Larry King Live, Bill Clinton said this about me...

"Let me just say this: the Republicans aren't the only people who want four more years here,"

For the record, I never said I wanted him to live another four more years, he put those words in my mouth and totally took everything anyone said out of context. I have made it clear that I want four more years in office. I don't give a rats ass how his surgery goes despite what he says about me. Some people have no pride; they just lie, lie, lie all day long without regard for others. Anyway I sent him an email but he hasn't responded back yet.

On the plus side, Rummy says we're going to Camp David tomorrow! I got my sleeping bag out of the garage and I'm going to look for the tent as soon as dinner is over. Unfortunately I won't be able to keep everyone updated on how my week is going through this blog until Wednesday... :(

Welp, I hope nothing important happens while I'm gone, it'd suck to have to leave camp early or find out I have more work to do when I get back home. Until then - keep it reeaal real folks.

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Anonymous said...

this is retarded, i think