Thursday, August 12, 2004

My Lunch with Condi

Condi invited me to lunch today, and I was so excited! Finally some one on one time with her, and I was really interested in pitching my idea for getting rid of the gays.

I ordered a ham sandwhich and a cherry italian soda with whipped cream, and the waitress said I could keep the glass!

So anyway, we're sitting there just talking and it turns out she had something to tell me. It turns out she wanted to talk to me about this blog. She says it is a bad idea to be talking about presidential stuff on a blog. I can't really tell, but I'm willing to bet Donald had something to do with our little talk. She said that some people in the White House were worried I could accidentally leak secrets, or give the Democrats information which they could use against me.

But I told Condi that this blog wasn't for them! it's not like I'm writing this for Al-Kayda or the Democrats! It's just a blog for friends and family and whoever wants to check in. Sometimes all this political stuff gets way too out of hand. Everybody is worried about what others will think, but this is the internet; a safe place for me to express my opinions, doubts, and fears free from judgement. Sometimes I think nobody even understands.

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brian said...

hi , Mr president i can't agree more with u , if i am the pre i would also insist on blogging, cuz,it's my freedom to share some good things,and my little stories to u guys . i wanna make a friend with u ..really .cuz when i listen to ur tsinghua unversity speech i was inspired,yes , i share ut values ,i am a guy who like freedom. can u give me ur email? or add my msn :