Friday, February 24, 2006

Responsible Spending

You ever see Richard Pryor in that movie Brewster’s Millions and think to yourself, “Man how in the world would I spend 30 million dollars in 30 days? That’s a million dollars a day!” Well I’ve officially spent 1.5 million dollars a day on PR alone since 2003! I rock!

You know how Super Bowl commercials cost a million dollars? I’ve made it Super Bowl Sunday everyday for 3 years! I totally rock!

John Candy was in Brewster’s Millions… for 1.6 billion dollars I could have invented some technology to bring him back from the crypt to go around telling everybody what a cool dude I am, but instead we wasted it trying to sugar-coat a bunch of shit that I’m not ashamed of. Like when we got rid of all the poor people in New Orleans, or when we shot that dude, or when we lied about WMDs… that takes skills! I rock so hard!

Man, a zombie John Candy would totally rock even harder… I get the feeling he would be way worth his money compared to that chubby S.O.B working for me now.

(Now I would pay 1.6 billion dollars to see that any day. Look out Scott! Someone wants your job!)

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