Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hollywood's idea of wasting billions of dollars: A movie with no end.

I rented Batman Begins last night, that new batman movie with Christen Bale, and excuse me, but I don’t understand why everyone thinks batman is such a stand up dude. He rampages through a city destroying everything in his path just to bring to justice one insane criminal.

ONE insane criminal who killed maybe, I dunno, like a couple hundred people. But he didn’t even kill them onscreen, his cronies killed them offscreen. His cronies! In the process of bringing this insane criminal to justice, Batman probably murdered, I dunno, I’m going to take a wild guess here, maybe like, 30,000 people! That estimate may even be low, it’s not the point. The point is; what good is a superhero if he destroys cities and accidentally kills the people he’s trying to protect?

The movie is retarded, it is so fictional it makes me want to puke. That stuff couldn’t happen in real life, it’s not even remotely grounded in reality. If an insane vigilante do-gooder tried to bring insane criminals to justice with a kill ratio like Batman’s, he’d be strung up by the neck and dragged through the streets. The movie is just retarded. And it had no end! If a movie is going to suck, it should at least suck quickly.

Thank god its fiction.

('the tumbler' - Batman's ridiculously over-armored, ridiculously overpriced car of choice terrorizing the streets of Gotham City in Christian Bale's new action packed thriller Batman Begins.)


Anonymous said...

cute that you say that, you know, considering you occupied Iraq then killed... i dunno, a couple hundred ppl to just kill this one dude.

Anonymous said...

Yah, you so funny. You forgot the part about where THIS ONE DUDE who "batman" is trying to kill murdered a couple HUNDRED THOUSAND of his own people.

Fuck you. Stick to the IM conversations with Kim Jong Il. Those are funny. Your snide political commentary isn't.

Oh, and did I mention? Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Batmans got balls. He saved people, by himself, with no help from outside influences except his family that is dead now. He beat up on criminals,cause he's got balls of Steel. He did it cause it was what he felt he was supposed to do. You on the other hand have the balls to piss people off, and not be held accountable. I rest my case.