Sunday, March 13, 2005

What does bullshit taste like anyway?

Does anybody know who John Edwards is? Not the guy who ran for VP but the “psychic” John Edwards – see picture below.

He supposedly speaks with the dead and then relays the message onto the loved ones. But basically all he is doing is bullshitting the audience; an audience which is already pro-John Edwards to begin with (they’re all screened ahead of time). On top of that bullshit, he edits 4 hours worth of “readings” down to a conveniently “accurate” 1 hour show. He feeds them bullshit and they eat it up!

I should can that shit and sell it!

Am I taking crazy pills people? This guy spouts nothing but bullshit and Americans just willingly listen to him because that is what they want to hear. They want to believe in something so badly that they’ll listen to this moron, even though time after time it’s been proven he’s basically a lucky guesser, or a straight up liar.

In totally unrelated news – Scott Baio finally returned my letter I sent him back in 87’. He even included a signed photograph! That Scott Baio’s a stand up guy.


Sray said...

I wonder if John Edwards would report from the *other side* as well. I for one, cannot wait!

fbuss said...

I think Brits and Canadian believe him too.

marie said...
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marie said...

What does bullshit taste like anyway?
Eat yourself and you'll see