Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Executive Order 9066 - Our Finest Hour

What’s the biggest problem in America today?


The problem with Asians is you can’t keep track of them; they’re like sand – they’re everywhere and they’re yellow. I have this Chinaman secretary, Ms. “Kitagawa,” and she has the slantiest eyes you’ve ever seen, sometimes I wonder if she can see me when I’m giving her orders, or if she’s even awake.

Now I realize it is impractical to simply stop them from getting married and scientists have informed me that they share the same genetic makeup we whites do; so a race specific disease is out of the question. I’m skeptical, but I guess we pay them to think for us right?

Anyway, this is my plan; a gentleman’s agreement if you will… We agree to educate their children already in our country, and they agree not to immigrate to our country ever again. If they break the rules, we ship them off to live in Montana, as far as my preliminary CIA intelligence reports suggest, no one else is living there currently so there shouldn’t be any problems.


Anonymous said...

Never stop.

Photograph Photograph said...

Too damn funny. Go George!

Anonymous said...

People actually live in Montana.

Seriously, you should like fire your preliminary CIA spooks, because they're idiots.

Anonymous said...

Dude, stop passing discriminatory remarks. After all, if they hold an American citizenship they aren't any less of an American than you are.