Thursday, September 02, 2004


So The Passion of the Christ came out on DVD today and I went out to Best Buy and got a copy along with My Dog Skip because it was on sale (good flick, too!). I liked Braveheart, and I loved Braveheart II - the one about the Civil War - but man, this is by far his bloodiest movie ever! I'm such a girl too cause I would always flinch when Mel Gibson dislocated his shoulder in the Beverly Hills Cop series, but daaaaammmnnn, there was so much blood in The Passion. Actually I saw the movie like 3 months ago; I downloaded it when it first came out in theaters cause I really wanted to see it but I wasn't about to pay $10.00 for a ticket! It's ok though, cause I downloaded it on George's computer (George Tenet, not George Me), and if the RIAA ever found out they'd track it back to him! Hahaha... Man you should see George's face when I do things like that to him! He actually had to resign once, but I told him he could crash at my place if he wanted to, and besides, he doesn't know it was me anyway.

Had a big speech today, went alright I thought, I always get real nervous just before a speech, and then afterwards I feel pumped (I actually had to tweek the speech a little because I didn't realize it was just an acceptance speech for the Republican party's nomination). I called Kerry right afterwards and talked about it and he says that he gets the same way! For all of our differences, we actually have a lot in common, especially cause we're both running for the same position. It's a shame we have to be such enemies because we were really tight before all this election stuff. A while back we had shirts made out that said "World's Greatest Grandpa" and "World's Greatest Grandson" and we'd wear them together whenever we went to the mall or wherever and people would always be like, "Wuuuaah?" It was hilarious, but now we don't wear them together anymore. I wonder if he's still got his.


Anonymous said...

I used to have a T-shirt that said "I love puppies" I wore it all the time, because I really do love puppies, even more than Pokemon. Tipper said it got messed up in the laundry, but I don't believe her, I think that she just hates puppies and threw it away.


Anonymous said...

Tipper is just mad that her name sounds like a dog's name!