Monday, September 13, 2004

An apology...

In my haste to post a topic earlier today, I apparently inadvertently insulted a large number of my constituency in the South by indirectly calling them stupid (according to the emails I got). For that, I apologize; I would never intentionally insult someone who is going to vote for me.

The truth is we as a nation need slower minded people voting, and holding office. Imagine what things would be like if all voters/government officials were informed! Anarchy, people! A country of citizens voting on what was best for them, with disregard for looks, character and attitude (or as I have; bad-itude). Would you want Stephen Hawking as President, even if he was a genius? He’d probably spend more time solving the mysteries of the universe than he would invading other countries. How safe would our country really be if we had geniuses running it? I say, America, embrace your ignorance!

(the only way Hawking could invade Iraq)

So people of the South, my people, my brothers… I apologize. Solidarity in Stupidity!


Anonymous said...

Hey George! LOVE your site but I'm still not sure who to vote for. I was thinking about God what he thought. Do you think if God could vote, he'd vote for you?

One of a kind said...

I think Hawking would be a great president!!!!!!!!!!!