Sunday, August 01, 2004

I finally started my blog!

Wow, what a rough 3 years! Well I wanted to start this blog at the beginning of my presidency, but you know how things are. Being President seems like a full time job some days. I probably chose the worst time to start this blog, seeing as the election is coming up and all, but I told myself if I don't start it now, I'd probably just get distracted with another war or the current one and never get the site started! Dick says I should focus on "more important things like the election," but they're pretty much doing it for me anyway, and it's not like Dick ever listens to any of my ideas.

Anyway! I just got a new imac, and Condi taught me how to use it so I should be able to post pretty frequently. I hope you check in to see how crazy things get around the white house!


Anonymous said...

You shouldve stuck to blogging instead of tryin to be a president, because you ARE A MURDERER, A LIAR AND A THIEF. GOD WILL PUNISH YOU SURELY. I HOE YOU GO TO PRISON OR HELL WHICHEVER COMES FIRST BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

obione said...

if you dont have the guts to name yourself while abusing whoever,
you are just as bad as who you are

Anonymous said...

Mr.President I think your a brave man to be taking on the world at this time in our lives. I commend you for it. No one is going to be perfect at doing this job but it does take guts and you seem to have that. Even if mistakes are made so what! At least your trying. I pray that our Lord gives you what it takes to make the right decisions. I know in my heart that with the Lord at your side, you and He will do just fine. Don't pay attention to anyone except Him and you'll be fine too and at peace with those choices you make as long as you make these decisions after consluting with Him first, not only will you be fine but so will we all.

rustyrusty said...

Mr.President I think anyone who says anything bad about you should leave the U.S.A. They have a lot of nerve even to make such negative comments about you! Your the president for heaven sakes, what is wrong with people these days. Your job is tough! Most people couldn't do it! So most people should just keep there mouths shut! I know your a spirital man and I know with the grace of our Lord by your side, You will do right by all of us. I'm a true believer in the power of prayer, I suggest a prayer day Mr.President, where all of us in the U.S.A. to pray at the same time (the time being of your choice of course) for peace and good will to all and for His loving grace to be bestowed upon each and everyone of us in this world. "And then sit back and watch the miracles begin". Because remember were one or more pray in His name He is present.
Well with nothing to lose and everything to gain why not give it Him a chance to do His thing.
You know what I belive, there is a reason for everything, maybe there was a reason for me finding your blog today. I mean it was a fluke, I was searching for "winning" go figure.
The winning may very well come in all of us praying together. The good Lord will see all of us praying and bless us all! Hopefully answer our prayers
Like I said we have nothing to gain by doing this and everything to win...there is that word again "win"! the word I was searching for!
You know you can go on national t.v. and proclaim such a date as National Prayer Day.
Good way to leave the office too don't you think Mr.President.
These are just my thoughts I wanted to share with you Mr.President, hope you have a nice day and hope you had a nice Easter too. I just found your blog site, maybe I'll come back and write to you agian if that is ok with you.
I sent another comment to you earlier but it went anonymous because I didn't have a Google/Blogger account, see if you can figure out which one it is. Anyway I do have a account now so I'll post my name so you know who I am okay. (Rusty was my favoriate dog who I had for 16yrs. who I had to put down because he got to sick, just in case you were wondering about that). You can say this was all your idea too I don't mind because I'm giving it to you okay. I would just like to see it done because I believe it really it could really happen and it could really will help us all.